Job & Internship Acceptances: May!

We’re still accepting internships!  Way to go, Gamma Gamma!


Dalton Ulm  Cleveland Museum of Art | Marketing & PR- Cleveland, OH
Seth Badger  Columbus Blue Jackets | Sales– Columbus, OH
Morgan Voytek  Liberty Advisor Group | Human Resources – Chicago, IL
Glenn Trepeta  KPMG | Advisory – San Francisco, CA
Sam Becker  Macy’s | Credit Operations- Mason, OH
Michael Valenti  BDO | Accounting- St. Louis, MO
Gino Fantozzi  Sequentia | Marketing- Cleveland, OH


Job & Internship Acceptances, April!

Take a look at our members’ internship and job acceptances for the month of March!


Alyssa Herzog  True Temper | Marketing- Memphis, TN
Mackenzie Dietz  BMO Harris Bank | Finance– Appleton, WI
Althea Perley  Good Day New York | Media/Production – New York City, NY
Mallory Mancini  Bandwidth Marketing | Marketing – Chicago, IL
Patrick McFadden  Congressman Wenstrup’s Office | Government- Cincinnati, OH
Ashton Spann  Global Cloud | Web Design- Cincinnati, OH
Betsy Zilch  The Brandery | Creative- Cincinnati, OH
Christopher Warren  Miami University | Student Affairs- Oxford, OH
Dana Bullock  Klosterman Baking | Marketing- Springboro, OH


James Rohaley  Starcom MediaVest Group | Media- Chicago, IL

Luxottica Halfway Point

The primary goal of the Luxottica project team’s engagement with Sears Optical is to build predictive models to project sales from eye exams. They have tackled the first of two stages through an in-depth analysis of eye exam data and finding correlations in the historical and recent trends,IMG_6641 between exam metrics and sales. And are currently working on how to positively influence sales with this new information they found. The team is compiled of Andy Auble the project manager as well as Lawlor Coe, Sunny Dhillon, Alec Remaly, and Justin Cohen. All involved will attest to the fact that although this project was unlike anything PSE has done before, it has been one of the most rewarding and exciting projects they have been involved in. Collectively the team put in roughly 100 hours  using SAS, a business analytics and intelligence software, as well as extensive market research through data manipulation and regression analysis to create predictive models for the Luxottica client. “Andy was an amazing project manager,” said Alec Remaly. “He delegated who would work on what aspect of the data to make the spreadsheets breakdown more easily”. Luxottica Mid-WayNot only has everyone on the team felt that Andy astutely placed them in the right positions through out the project, “he also knew how to keep up with us so that we got everything done in time for the halfway meeting, ” said Sunny Dhillon. Below is a break down of what each member has been in charge of for the project thus far. All of the people involved loved “the uncharted and daunting task because it helped (us) understand what we want to do in the future when we graduate,” said Lawlor Coe. “I now wish I had minored in business analytics.” Alec and Andy: Ranked regional managers efficiency based on the numbers found in the spread sheets Lawlor and Sunny: Worked on coordination analysis and weather analysis Justin Cohen: Used his analytics major to look at the more quantitative side of the project, including running regression analysis and building models from the 30 spreadsheets into one using SASLuxottica Mid-Way 3Luxottica Mid-Way 2~AP

Spring 2015 National Convention Recap

cropped-10338664_975805139097176_858399766787057944_o1.jpgOn April 14th, 2015, a group of 38 exuberant PSE Miami members and one seasoned academic advisor, journeyed across the country to Houston Texas with the hopes of bringing back Top Gold Chapter for the 11th time.

After year long dedication to the chapters growth from the executive board,  11 nominations for awards at the national convention, three potential scholarship winners, months of preparations, and close to 500 pounds of business professional stuffed suitcases, the Gamma Gamma chapter was more than ready to compete Wednesday.

Tuesday night and all of Wednesday, was a whirlwind of meetings, group practices, and printing excitement. Everyone in attendance either prepared for the final presentations or sat in to listen and give feedback to the members who would be facing the judges.  Perhaps the best part of Tuesday was the Top Chapter presentation. For the first time the whole group came together in one room to, for lack of a better word, brag about the hard work we as family, and chapter had done over the past year. With more than just exhaustion and jitters battling against our management team, they (John Leist, Carley Powell, Allie Englheart, Maaika Rutter, and Tori Fitzmartin) effortlessly executed the presentation in front of all Gamma Gamma members in attendance. After some constructive criticism from Dr. Norris our advisor and a nationals corespondent we received an amazing pep talk from three of our past graduated members,  and called it a night.

It doesn’t take many words to explain how everyone did Wednesday and Thursday. They killed it.

As the group continued into Thursday, everyone attended a plethora of events catered to better understand PSE as a national organization as well as speakers looking to help all in attendance with internship questions. When the events were over, most people in our chapter took the time to eat another six bagels from Einstein’s and take either a break by the pool, or work together on homework.

By the time Saturday and the banquet came around the whole chapter was anxious to see if we had been received in the positive light we had worked so hard to emit throughout the week.

Besides tables of the other PSE chapters we all held our breath as each of the awards were handed out. When Top Chapter came around the group gathered together one last time.

Exhales blurred out the third and second place teams as they respectively received their awards.

I don’t think that anyone actually heard the announcer say PSE Gamma Gamma won.

Instead we collectively screamed as the Miami University logo flashed on the screen, once again returning the Top Gold Chapter trophy to our hands.

On the flight home, no one minded the extra carry-on weight

Bellow is a list of all the acclimates received by our chapter 

Top Gold Chapter (1st)
Sustained Excellence Award
Top Management Team (1st)
Top Marketing Research (2nd)
Top Service Project (2nd)
Recruitment Fair Challenge (2nd)
Top Public Relations Strategy (2nd)
Top Project Manager – Katie Roberts (1st)
President’s Award – Ben Nader (1st)
Top PSE Salesperson – Seth Badger (2nd)
Scholarship Winners – Allie Engelhart, Stephanie Daum, and Gina Venuti


New Member Spotlight: Yash Patel

Following the exciting week our Gamma Gamma chapter had at the national convention it seems only fair that we check up on the amazing new members that are the future of our organization.


IMG_6649Major: Accounting

Hometown: Mumbai, India

Hobbies/Passions: Loves to dance and go to the gym

What else are you involved in on campus? 

I am currently involved in the Indian Student Association and Pi Sigma Epsilon. As a freshman I am working really hard to try and find things that I am interested in and these two organizations have really helped me feel comfortable on campus. Through the Indian Student Association I was able to be a part of the Diwali on Miami’s campus, and what we do is put on a event where everyone preforms traditional, classical dances from Bhangra to Bollywood. It was really fun and I met some of my closest friends on campus through it, so I am excited to be in it next year as well.

If you could be any animal, what animal would you embody? 

08fcb2005fbeae37bc2678eb5c5ccf29.jpgElephant: He has his own personality and is very friendly, plus he works the best in groups.


What superhero do you try to embody? 

Batman. He is a silent guardian and watchful protector.

What have you most enjoyed about PSE

I am very glad that I was able to join PSE. Everyone is very welcoming and easy to work with which is nice because I was worried it was going to be hard to work with everyone. The interview process is really intense so when we were able to sit in the first meeting it was cool to understand that PSE is more motivating and exciting than intense.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years

I want to have a luxurious house in Malibu…For some reason I have always wanted to end up there and it looks beautiful.201109-a-features-malibu-state-of-mind


Job & Internship Acceptances–March!

Take a look at our members’ internship and job acceptances for the month of March!


Ben Arwine  The Garage Group | Marketing- Cincinnati, OH
Dean Firouzian  Jones Lang Lasalle | Financial Analytics– Washington D.C.
Stephanie Daum  Incline | Finance – Cincinnati, OH
Corinne Hazen  Fox 19 News | Promotions/News – Cincinnati, OH
Chris Waflart  Ingage Partners | Marketing- Cincinnati, OH
McKensie Barnes  GA Communication Group | Advertising- Chicago, IL
Andreas Tjotjos  Shurtech Brands | Marketing- Rocky River, OH
Julie Norehad  Get Noticed Get Found | Visual Design- Cincinnati, OH
Bogdan Ilinescu  BMO Harris Bank | Financial Services- Winnetka, IL
Jimmy Radatz  Global Financial Planning Group | Finance- Detroit, MI
Hailey Gilman  POSSIBLE | Advertising- Cincinnati, OH


Charlie Biederman  Fifth Third Bank | Finance- Chicago, IL

New Member Spotlight: Lynn Tong

PSE is one of the most driven and eclectic groups on Miami Universities campus.What gives us our edge is the amazing new members that join our organization every semester. And although we thrive through their ambition and zeal, there is much more to our new members and their budding potential.

Lynn Tong


Major: Finance

Hometown: Columbus, OH

Hobbies/Passions: AAA, promoting diversity,

What else are you involved in on campus?

 images-1           I am involved in the Investment Banking Club; I love it because of the learning experience. We are able to goto a ton of really interesting workshops and lectures, and it helps create an amazing platform for my interests outside of my Finance major. I am also, a member of the Asian American Association (Triple A for the cool kids), which provides a really fun, neat community and we are able to meet and hangout with each other at a variety of different events. Most recently we rented out the top of Sushi Nara.

What superhero do you try to embody?

 The Flash. Superheroes are really cool but they can be pretty stuck up and The Flash is really down to earth, and with college and everything in my life it would really pay off to be quick.

If you could be any animal, what animal would you embody

axolotl6Axolotl  it’s always smiling

What have most enjoyed about PSE

A lot of opportunity and it’s really enjoyable to meet a lot of people you wouldn’t typically meet.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years

Honestly, none of us know what’s going on, that’s the best part about being a freshman. I would love to be somewhere abroad, happy, eating well, and have least one friend. That’s the dream, as long as I’m happy, it’s okay.


Member of the Month: Andy Auble

This month we had four solid candidates who did amazing jobs for the chapter and the clients currently entrusting our organization with their innovative marketing and sales projects. The four nominees were:

Andy Auble: Nominated for his work as PM for the Sears Optical project with Luxottica

Cameron Copper: Nominated for doing an outstanding job running the commons team and delivering everything that the client wanted, and then some.

Sydney Reichert: Nominated for doing a great job staying organized and leading her first project group, as well as her active marketing strategies for the event.

The Commons Project Team: Nominated for delivering exactly what their client wanted and earing high regards from them.

Andy Auble was named member of the month due to his impeccable leadership skills while10152390_776425289035163_7291101436307428354_n project managing the Sears Optical project team. In charge of a team of 5, including himself, Alec Remaly, Lawlor Coe, Sunny Dhillon, and Justin Cohen, all members agree that he does an incredible job keeping everyone on track. Whether it’s sending out daily emails reminding the team what to get accomplished for the week, or fairly divvying up what needs to be done, his commitment and problem solving mentality has made a daunting project exciting and manageable. Andy is also revered this month for being able to maintain contact with Luxotica through the whole process, effectively allowing a positive stream of communication between our PSE chapter and the Luxotica company. 


Job & Internship Offers- February

Way to go, Gamma Gamma!  Congratulate our chapter members who have accepted internship in the month of February!  We wish them all the best!


Alec Remaly  Johnson & Johnson | Finance – Cincinnati, OH
Stuart Fisher Cardinal Health | Marketing – Dublin, OH
Lawlor Coe YOUHANGIT | Finance – Salt Lake City, UT
Haley Channell Hub Group | Supply Chain – Oakbrook, IL

Member of the Month: Ben Nader

With an organization known for its ambition and continual growth, it is not surprising that all candidates for Member of the Month this February, more than exemplify the standard. This month we had four nominees:

Ben Nader: Nominated for his outstanding work with recruitment this semester behind the scenes

Andy Auble: Nominated for his work as PM for the Sears Optical project with Luxottica

Dillon Reynolds: Nominated for creating the recruitment video on his own initiative, and implementing new filming techniques not previously envisioned by the chapter.

Jon Leist: Nominated for his hard work and continual guidance in regards to preparing our organization for nationals through organizing teams and presentations.

Ben Nader was chosen above all the other nominees for his continuous efforts with the recruitment team. He is always a person his fellow PSE members look up to and the way he carries himself and his unwavering commitment to PSE is greatly respected. When recruitment season come around, everyone involve attested to the fact that it would not have run as smoothly without his help!