Member of the Month: Andy Auble

This month we had four solid candidates who did amazing jobs for the chapter and the clients currently entrusting our organization with their innovative marketing and sales projects. The four nominees were:

Andy Auble: Nominated for his work as PM for the Sears Optical project with Luxottica

Cameron Copper: Nominated for doing an outstanding job running the commons team and delivering everything that the client wanted, and then some.

Sydney Reichert: Nominated for doing a great job staying organized and leading her first project group, as well as her active marketing strategies for the event.

The Commons Project Team: Nominated for delivering exactly what their client wanted and earing high regards from them.

Andy Auble was named member of the month due to his impeccable leadership skills while10152390_776425289035163_7291101436307428354_n project managing the Sears Optical project team. In charge of a team of 5, including himself, Alec Remaly, Lawlor Coe, Sunny Dhillon, and Justin Cohen, all members agree that he does an incredible job keeping everyone on track. Whether it’s sending out daily emails reminding the team what to get accomplished for the week, or fairly divvying up what needs to be done, his commitment and problem solving mentality has made a daunting project exciting and manageable. Andy is also revered this month for being able to maintain contact with Luxotica through the whole process, effectively allowing a positive stream of communication between our PSE chapter and the Luxotica company. 



Member of the Month: Ben Nader

With an organization known for its ambition and continual growth, it is not surprising that all candidates for Member of the Month this February, more than exemplify the standard. This month we had four nominees:

Ben Nader: Nominated for his outstanding work with recruitment this semester behind the scenes

Andy Auble: Nominated for his work as PM for the Sears Optical project with Luxottica

Dillon Reynolds: Nominated for creating the recruitment video on his own initiative, and implementing new filming techniques not previously envisioned by the chapter.

Jon Leist: Nominated for his hard work and continual guidance in regards to preparing our organization for nationals through organizing teams and presentations.

Ben Nader was chosen above all the other nominees for his continuous efforts with the recruitment team. He is always a person his fellow PSE members look up to and the way he carries himself and his unwavering commitment to PSE is greatly respected. When recruitment season come around, everyone involve attested to the fact that it would not have run as smoothly without his help!



Member of the Month: Michael Henry

This month’s nominees went above and beyond in their hard work and dedication to our chapter. We had five nominees:

Ben Arwine  Ben is our incoming President and has been meeting with members to understand how to make the best decisions and set the foundation for next year’s success.

James Rohaley  James has spent many, many hours producing a video for the Farmer family to celebrate the fifth birthday of the Farmer School of Business, in addition to additional public relations work.

Katie Roberts  As the project manager for our Date Auction project, she has been doing a great job setting up and promoting the event as well as managing her team.

Libby Mueller  Ever since the beginning of the year, Libby has done an incredible job on the public relations committee. Most recently she has coordinated the authors and content of our Snapshot Series in addition to support on other PR projects.

Michael Henry was chosen among all nominees to be recognized as October’s member of the month. Michael has impressed as the project manager for an advertising and promotions event that PSE Miami assisted Red Bull with last week. He effectively led his team in putting on a successful event with the brand in a very short time frame. Read more about the project here!


Member of the Month: Charlie Biederman

Every time we nominate a new member of the month, we are reminded how stellar our chapter members are. This month was especially so as we had four incredible nominees: Libby Mueller, Ian Bennett, the Fall Recruitment Committee, and Charlie Biederman.

Libby Mueller has always been a consistent, dependable force on the Public Relations Committee. This month, she launched our Snapshot Series on this news site and has taken care of reaching out to our guest authors, organizing the content and publishing it weekly. She is always ready to step up and take on more work whenever the committee needs to get something done beyond our wordpress site, such as helping the other committee members with their individual projects and generating new ideas. Many of her contributions have been behind the scenes and she is very humble but Libby definitely deserves recognition for her awesome work and dependability.

Ian Bennett worked on a project for a clothing company during which he spent over 12 sleepless hours developing the presentation that would be presented to the client. The client loved the team’s work and his contributions were reflected in the client’s perception of the entire PSE Miami chapter. His work was incredibly professional and well-done, and the project team is thankful for the time he spent on it. Beyond this specific project, he is known for being one of the first to step up and help with whatever the chapter needs, whether in design work or for a client meeting, and does so with a positive attitude.

This semester’s recruitment team consisted of Ben Arwine, Andy Auble, Hailey Gilman, Olivia Greiszmer, Jack Milkie and Katie Roberts. These members have worked tirelessly since August to promote our recruitment events, work our info nights, and interview for many, many hours. We could not be happier with the new member class that they have recruited. Another shout out to our superstar Director of Technology, Ben Nader: a HUGE reason that our recruitment process went as smoothly as it did!

Ultimately, Charlie Biederman was chosen as our September Member of the Month. He has been a huge part of the new members’ first few weeks in the chapter, acting as a new member team lead. Not only has he been incredibly welcoming and enthusiastic for the small group that he leads, he has also reached out to the entire new member class to make sure that they feel welcome and at home in PSE Miami. Even though he was not a part of the aforementioned recruitment committee, he played a big part in the process of recruiting our new members and getting them excited about joining PSE. BREAKING NEWS: He was also just chosen as our organization’s Homecoming King Nominee, so be sure to vote for him!

Thank you to all of our nominees for your hard work, dedication and passion: all of you truly embody what it means to be PSE Miami.

Member of the Month: James Rohaley

Each month, our chapter nominates and votes on a member who stood out and added value to PSE Miami. Althea Perley, Victoria Polisena and Dalton Ulm were nominated for their extreme dedication to our chapter and for their inspiring presence at all of our recruitment and chapter bonding events.

James Rohaley was also nominated for the recognition and was ultimately chosen by the chapter.

James has done an incredible job throughout the entire summer and beginning of the school year contributing ideas and taking ownership of projects. He organized our Summer 2014 Gamma Gamma Panorama  photo series that highlighted members’ internship and study abroad experiences and has been working hard to produce our Fall 2014 recruitment video with Blake Wilson. He has been a solid member of the Public Relations committee all summer and takes on new tasks with enthusiasm but is equally dependable. Congratulations!

Member of the Month: Franklin Popek

Candidates nominated for Member of the Month included:

Amy Berg: New member Amy was project manager for the successful 5K on Sunday, May 4, acting as a phenomenal leader for the team on her first project.

Will Taylor: Will has been working hard coding the website for the AESA project.

Abby Purdum: Abby has spent long hours ensuring quality deliverables for the Western & Southern Financial Group client.

Kate Schumacher: Kate was nominated for helping out the Western & Southern project team and rallying the softball team.

Franklin Popek: Franklin was project manager for the Deloitte Speech Competition.

Ultimately, Franklin Popek was chosen as Member of the Month for project managing the inaugural Deloitte Speech Competition, which featured  12 undergraduate Miami students giving three-minute speeches on original topics. Franklin worked closely with Deloitte representatives to bring their vision for the event to fruition. He led his team in organizing and promoting the event. Franklin’s management skills contributed to a successful event and satisfied clients.



Franklin welcomes the audience at the Deloitte Speech Competition.





Member(s) of the Month(s): David Beeder, Ryan Boes, Taylor Darkoch and Christine DeMane

Congratulations to our Member(s) of the Month(s) for March-mid April: David Beeder, Ryan Boes, Taylor Darkoch and Christine DeMane!

Not much needs to be said about these four seniors as they each led the chapter to our recent naming of Top Chapter in the Nation at our National Convention earlier this month. All four members collectively put hundreds of hours of work not only throughout the year in their positions on the Leadership Board, but also in developing and preparing the Top Chapter presentation to convey the achievements of our chapter’s year at Nationals. Despite their incredible work, all four humbly credit the entire chapter as the reason for our success.



David Beeder proudly shows off the Lew: our Top Chapter traveling trophy

Image   Image

Taylor Darkoch and Christine DeMane                                          Ryan Boes


Seniors Kate Schumacher, Drew Wills and Danny VanWinkle join the Top Chapter presenters

February Member of the Month: Alex Gertz

February Member of the Month: Alex Gertz

Congratulations to our February Member of the Month: Alex Gertz!

Alex has done a phenomenal job working as Project Manager for the Campus Commons project. This is a team of all new members from the fall class who have excelled under Alex’s leadership. Despite this being his first project, Alex is a composed leader who interacts effectively with the client. The client has been very impressed with Alex and the Commons team and is excited about the new ideas this team is bringing to their company.

In addition to his work as Project Manager, Alex has contributed to the Public Relations Committee as well as PSE Miami Intramural Sports, showing off his skills in basketball and flag football. Overall, Alex brings positivity to every part of PSE that he touches and we are incredibly excited to have him as a member. Congrats, Alex!