New Member Spotlight: Yash Patel

Following the exciting week our Gamma Gamma chapter had at the national convention it seems only fair that we check up on the amazing new members that are the future of our organization.


IMG_6649Major: Accounting

Hometown: Mumbai, India

Hobbies/Passions: Loves to dance and go to the gym

What else are you involved in on campus? 

I am currently involved in the Indian Student Association and Pi Sigma Epsilon. As a freshman I am working really hard to try and find things that I am interested in and these two organizations have really helped me feel comfortable on campus. Through the Indian Student Association I was able to be a part of the Diwali on Miami’s campus, and what we do is put on a event where everyone preforms traditional, classical dances from Bhangra to Bollywood. It was really fun and I met some of my closest friends on campus through it, so I am excited to be in it next year as well.

If you could be any animal, what animal would you embody? 

08fcb2005fbeae37bc2678eb5c5ccf29.jpgElephant: He has his own personality and is very friendly, plus he works the best in groups.


What superhero do you try to embody? 

Batman. He is a silent guardian and watchful protector.

What have you most enjoyed about PSE

I am very glad that I was able to join PSE. Everyone is very welcoming and easy to work with which is nice because I was worried it was going to be hard to work with everyone. The interview process is really intense so when we were able to sit in the first meeting it was cool to understand that PSE is more motivating and exciting than intense.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years

I want to have a luxurious house in Malibu…For some reason I have always wanted to end up there and it looks beautiful.201109-a-features-malibu-state-of-mind



Member of the Month: Andy Auble

This month we had four solid candidates who did amazing jobs for the chapter and the clients currently entrusting our organization with their innovative marketing and sales projects. The four nominees were:

Andy Auble: Nominated for his work as PM for the Sears Optical project with Luxottica

Cameron Copper: Nominated for doing an outstanding job running the commons team and delivering everything that the client wanted, and then some.

Sydney Reichert: Nominated for doing a great job staying organized and leading her first project group, as well as her active marketing strategies for the event.

The Commons Project Team: Nominated for delivering exactly what their client wanted and earing high regards from them.

Andy Auble was named member of the month due to his impeccable leadership skills while10152390_776425289035163_7291101436307428354_n project managing the Sears Optical project team. In charge of a team of 5, including himself, Alec Remaly, Lawlor Coe, Sunny Dhillon, and Justin Cohen, all members agree that he does an incredible job keeping everyone on track. Whether it’s sending out daily emails reminding the team what to get accomplished for the week, or fairly divvying up what needs to be done, his commitment and problem solving mentality has made a daunting project exciting and manageable. Andy is also revered this month for being able to maintain contact with Luxotica through the whole process, effectively allowing a positive stream of communication between our PSE chapter and the Luxotica company. 


Job & Internship Offers- February

Way to go, Gamma Gamma!  Congratulate our chapter members who have accepted internship in the month of February!  We wish them all the best!


Alec Remaly  Johnson & Johnson | Finance – Cincinnati, OH
Stuart Fisher Cardinal Health | Marketing – Dublin, OH
Lawlor Coe YOUHANGIT | Finance – Salt Lake City, UT
Haley Channell Hub Group | Supply Chain – Oakbrook, IL

Member of the Month: Ben Nader

With an organization known for its ambition and continual growth, it is not surprising that all candidates for Member of the Month this February, more than exemplify the standard. This month we had four nominees:

Ben Nader: Nominated for his outstanding work with recruitment this semester behind the scenes

Andy Auble: Nominated for his work as PM for the Sears Optical project with Luxottica

Dillon Reynolds: Nominated for creating the recruitment video on his own initiative, and implementing new filming techniques not previously envisioned by the chapter.

Jon Leist: Nominated for his hard work and continual guidance in regards to preparing our organization for nationals through organizing teams and presentations.

Ben Nader was chosen above all the other nominees for his continuous efforts with the recruitment team. He is always a person his fellow PSE members look up to and the way he carries himself and his unwavering commitment to PSE is greatly respected. When recruitment season come around, everyone involve attested to the fact that it would not have run as smoothly without his help!



Job & Internship Offers- January

Say congratulations to our chapter members who have accepted full-time job offers and internships in the month of January!  We’re sure we’ll have even more acceptances after this week’s Spring ICE, so stay tuned!


Jason Bandick  U/S Sports Advisors | Public Relations – Indianapolis, IN
Mykel Kilgore Cincinnati Financial Corporation | Business/Insurance – Cincinnati, OH
Erin Goodwin Cardinal Health | Supply Chain – Dublin, OH
Michael Stramich RCM Futures | Futures & Options Execution – Chicago, IL


Aly Gialamas  Comcast Spotlight | Associate Account Planner – Indianapolis, IN
Rachel Dawson Leo Burnett | Assistant Account Executive – Chicago, IL

Job & Internship Offers- December

Even during these chilly, winter months, our members have been hard at work!  Shout-out to our members who have accepted internship or full-time job offers in the month of December!


Cameron Copper  Coyote Logistics – Chicago, IL
Amy Berg Western & Southern Insurance Group | Human Resources – Cincinnati, OH
Maddie Bessinger C.H. Robinson | Supply Chain – Minneapolis, MN
Carter Jankauskas Coyote Logistics | 3pl – Chicago, IL
Olivia Grieszmer The Schwan Food Company | Human Resources – Florence, KY
Sunny Dhillon Deloitte | Advisory – Cleveland, OH
Max Flannery Deloitte | Advisory – Chicago, IL
Ashley Medaris Alliance Data | Business Analytics – Columbus, OH
Ian Blomquist Cardinal Health | IT – Dublin, OH
Jeremy Fine Redwood Financial | Finance – Chicago, IL


Mary Tehrani  Parthenon EY | Transaction Advisory Services – Chicago, IL
Libby Mueller Nationwide | Marketing – Columbus, OH

Celebrating job & internship offers| November 2014

Congratulations to our members who accepted offers in the month of November!


Carlos Pozuelo  Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. | Sales – Itasca, IL
Connor Jarvis Sequoia Financial Group | Finance/Wealth Management – Cleveland, OH
Danny Heller Salesforce Marketing Cloud | Sales – Indianapolis, IN
Franklin Popek West Monroe Partners | Operations Excellence – Chicago, IL
Jeff Lioon Deloitte | AERS Advisory – Chicago, IL
Johnny Poth Deloitte | Accounting–Assurance – Chicago, IL
Justin Cohen JPMorgan Chase | Corporate Analyst – Columbus, OH
Karly Osborne Procter & Gamble | Sales
Kelsey Baesman dunnhumby USA | Client Leadership – Cincinnati, OH
Matt Arendas Coyote Logistics – Chicago, IL
Sydney Reichert Frito-Lay | Sales/Leadership – OH


Abby Purdum  Deloitte | Consulting – Cincinnati, OH
Carley Powell West Monroe Partners | Customer Experience Consultant – Chicago, IL
Cole Tyman Governor Robert Orr Fellowship (KAR Auction Services) – Indianapolis, IN
Joe Plecha Abercrombie & Fitch | Merchandising – Columbus, OH
John Whitaker Terillium | IT/Staff Consultant – Cincinnati, OH
Kevin Ryan Salesforce Marketing Cloud | Project Manager – Indianapolis, IN
Nick Eaton Textron | ISC Supply Chain LDP – Dallas, TX
Sydney Thompson Target | Business Analyst, Merchandising – Minneapolis, MN

Snapshot Series: Lessons Learned While Studying Abroad

Today’s Snapshot Series is a bit different from past ones. Today we’re featuring Nick Rupel and Maddie Bessinger, PSE members who are currently studying abroad in Luxembourg and Italy respectively. These members took some time to write down their thoughts on the study abroad experience as a whole and the cultural differences they have come to appreciate. Below are their quotes.

“I’ve had an awesome time here in Luxembourg and exploring the rest of Europe. The classes and professors are great and I’ve met some really cool people. Aside from my very OCD host dad complaining about the sock lint I leave on the floor or the local elementary school hoodlums harassing me on my way to class, I appreciate the cultural differences I’ve experienced and broadened perspective of the world that I’ve gained. My favorite trip has been Italy and Greece, where we had some amazing food and rode ATVs around the island of Santorini. Studying abroad has been an unbelievable experience that I would recommend to anyone who is able to. Keep doing big things and I can’t wait to see everyone next semester and meet all the new members!”

Nick Rupel

“I am spending this semester studying, interning and traveling abroad in Milan, Italy! I am sadly already halfway done with my program and am loving every aspect of the culture, from the food to the fashion to the people.

At my internship, I have noticed several differences, such as how work days are in Italy versus the US. For example, my boss takes a two hour lunch break every single day. She meets up with friends for food, conversation and sometimes even wine and champagne! I think this is very different from lunch breaks in the US as a lot of professionals I know eat lunch at their desk while catching up on emails.

One thing that has really stuck out to me is a conversation I had on a bus with a 45-year-old man who has lived in Italy his whole life. He told me that although Italy has several financial issues, business efficiency problems and some political instability, the Italians put their quality of life at the top of their priority list. He told me stories about how much they value friendship, romance, travel, great food and most importantly great, quality wine. He asked me that if at the end of my life I will appreciate how much money I earned or how valuable my relationships were and how rich my life was.

Although I think it is important to develop professionally and work hard, I definitely took his lesson on enjoying the fullness to life to heart. I have been having a blast here in Italy, and I can’t wait to bring the lessons I have learned back to America with me! I hope everyone in PSE is having a great semester! Have a Chipotle burrito bowl for me, and I will see you when I am back in the spring!”

Maddie Bessinger

Member of the Month: Michael Henry

This month’s nominees went above and beyond in their hard work and dedication to our chapter. We had five nominees:

Ben Arwine  Ben is our incoming President and has been meeting with members to understand how to make the best decisions and set the foundation for next year’s success.

James Rohaley  James has spent many, many hours producing a video for the Farmer family to celebrate the fifth birthday of the Farmer School of Business, in addition to additional public relations work.

Katie Roberts  As the project manager for our Date Auction project, she has been doing a great job setting up and promoting the event as well as managing her team.

Libby Mueller  Ever since the beginning of the year, Libby has done an incredible job on the public relations committee. Most recently she has coordinated the authors and content of our Snapshot Series in addition to support on other PR projects.

Michael Henry was chosen among all nominees to be recognized as October’s member of the month. Michael has impressed as the project manager for an advertising and promotions event that PSE Miami assisted Red Bull with last week. He effectively led his team in putting on a successful event with the brand in a very short time frame. Read more about the project here!


Celebrating job & internship offers| October 2014

Congratulations to our members who accepted offers in the month of October!

Turner Brown  PricewaterhouseCoopers | Risk Assurance-Internal Audit – New York City, NY
Nick Finney  Fifth Third Bank | Commercial Banking – Cincinnati, OH
Alex Gertz American Axle Manufacturing | Supply Chain – Detroit, MI
Tyler Wallace Deloitte | ERS Technology Risk Consulting – Columbus, OH