Spring 2015 National Convention Recap

cropped-10338664_975805139097176_858399766787057944_o1.jpgOn April 14th, 2015, a group of 38 exuberant PSE Miami members and one seasoned academic advisor, journeyed across the country to Houston Texas with the hopes of bringing back Top Gold Chapter for the 11th time.

After year long dedication to the chapters growth from the executive board,  11 nominations for awards at the national convention, three potential scholarship winners, months of preparations, and close to 500 pounds of business professional stuffed suitcases, the Gamma Gamma chapter was more than ready to compete Wednesday.

Tuesday night and all of Wednesday, was a whirlwind of meetings, group practices, and printing excitement. Everyone in attendance either prepared for the final presentations or sat in to listen and give feedback to the members who would be facing the judges.  Perhaps the best part of Tuesday was the Top Chapter presentation. For the first time the whole group came together in one room to, for lack of a better word, brag about the hard work we as family, and chapter had done over the past year. With more than just exhaustion and jitters battling against our management team, they (John Leist, Carley Powell, Allie Englheart, Maaika Rutter, and Tori Fitzmartin) effortlessly executed the presentation in front of all Gamma Gamma members in attendance. After some constructive criticism from Dr. Norris our advisor and a nationals corespondent we received an amazing pep talk from three of our past graduated members,  and called it a night.

It doesn’t take many words to explain how everyone did Wednesday and Thursday. They killed it.

As the group continued into Thursday, everyone attended a plethora of events catered to better understand PSE as a national organization as well as speakers looking to help all in attendance with internship questions. When the events were over, most people in our chapter took the time to eat another six bagels from Einstein’s and take either a break by the pool, or work together on homework.

By the time Saturday and the banquet came around the whole chapter was anxious to see if we had been received in the positive light we had worked so hard to emit throughout the week.

Besides tables of the other PSE chapters we all held our breath as each of the awards were handed out. When Top Chapter came around the group gathered together one last time.

Exhales blurred out the third and second place teams as they respectively received their awards.

I don’t think that anyone actually heard the announcer say PSE Gamma Gamma won.

Instead we collectively screamed as the Miami University logo flashed on the screen, once again returning the Top Gold Chapter trophy to our hands.

On the flight home, no one minded the extra carry-on weight

Bellow is a list of all the acclimates received by our chapter 

Top Gold Chapter (1st)
Sustained Excellence Award
Top Management Team (1st)
Top Marketing Research (2nd)
Top Service Project (2nd)
Recruitment Fair Challenge (2nd)
Top Public Relations Strategy (2nd)
Top Project Manager – Katie Roberts (1st)
President’s Award – Ben Nader (1st)
Top PSE Salesperson – Seth Badger (2nd)
Scholarship Winners – Allie Engelhart, Stephanie Daum, and Gina Venuti



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