Member of the Month: Ben Nader

With an organization known for its ambition and continual growth, it is not surprising that all candidates for Member of the Month this February, more than exemplify the standard. This month we had four nominees:

Ben Nader: Nominated for his outstanding work with recruitment this semester behind the scenes

Andy Auble: Nominated for his work as PM for the Sears Optical project with Luxottica

Dillon Reynolds: Nominated for creating the recruitment video on his own initiative, and implementing new filming techniques not previously envisioned by the chapter.

Jon Leist: Nominated for his hard work and continual guidance in regards to preparing our organization for nationals through organizing teams and presentations.

Ben Nader was chosen above all the other nominees for his continuous efforts with the recruitment team. He is always a person his fellow PSE members look up to and the way he carries himself and his unwavering commitment to PSE is greatly respected. When recruitment season come around, everyone involve attested to the fact that it would not have run as smoothly without his help!




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