Luxottica Halfway Point

The primary goal of the Luxottica project team’s engagement with Sears Optical is to build predictive models to project sales from eye exams. They have tackled the first of two stages through an in-depth analysis of eye exam data and finding correlations in the historical and recent trends,IMG_6641 between exam metrics and sales. And are currently working on how to positively influence sales with this new information they found. The team is compiled of Andy Auble the project manager as well as Lawlor Coe, Sunny Dhillon, Alec Remaly, and Justin Cohen. All involved will attest to the fact that although this project was unlike anything PSE has done before, it has been one of the most rewarding and exciting projects they have been involved in. Collectively the team put in roughly 100 hours  using SAS, a business analytics and intelligence software, as well as extensive market research through data manipulation and regression analysis to create predictive models for the Luxottica client. “Andy was an amazing project manager,” said Alec Remaly. “He delegated who would work on what aspect of the data to make the spreadsheets breakdown more easily”. Luxottica Mid-WayNot only has everyone on the team felt that Andy astutely placed them in the right positions through out the project, “he also knew how to keep up with us so that we got everything done in time for the halfway meeting, ” said Sunny Dhillon. Below is a break down of what each member has been in charge of for the project thus far. All of the people involved loved “the uncharted and daunting task because it helped (us) understand what we want to do in the future when we graduate,” said Lawlor Coe. “I now wish I had minored in business analytics.” Alec and Andy: Ranked regional managers efficiency based on the numbers found in the spread sheets Lawlor and Sunny: Worked on coordination analysis and weather analysis Justin Cohen: Used his analytics major to look at the more quantitative side of the project, including running regression analysis and building models from the 30 spreadsheets into one using SASLuxottica Mid-Way 3Luxottica Mid-Way 2~AP


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