Member of the Month: Andy Auble

This month we had four solid candidates who did amazing jobs for the chapter and the clients currently entrusting our organization with their innovative marketing and sales projects. The four nominees were:

Andy Auble: Nominated for his work as PM for the Sears Optical project with Luxottica

Cameron Copper: Nominated for doing an outstanding job running the commons team and delivering everything that the client wanted, and then some.

Sydney Reichert: Nominated for doing a great job staying organized and leading her first project group, as well as her active marketing strategies for the event.

The Commons Project Team: Nominated for delivering exactly what their client wanted and earing high regards from them.

Andy Auble was named member of the month due to his impeccable leadership skills while10152390_776425289035163_7291101436307428354_n project managing the Sears Optical project team. In charge of a team of 5, including himself, Alec Remaly, Lawlor Coe, Sunny Dhillon, and Justin Cohen, all members agree that he does an incredible job keeping everyone on track. Whether it’s sending out daily emails reminding the team what to get accomplished for the week, or fairly divvying up what needs to be done, his commitment and problem solving mentality has made a daunting project exciting and manageable. Andy is also revered this month for being able to maintain contact with Luxotica through the whole process, effectively allowing a positive stream of communication between our PSE chapter and the Luxotica company. 



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